The author of the visualizations - pictures put in words is me, Vladislav Stres. Visualization is a special procedure of getting accustomed to visual world. That is a rather hard thing to do but at the same time it is unbelivably adventurous. We learn about entirely new connections in all sorts of visual information and the "film" we see in the process of visualization shows us that the major part of content is hidden from us if we just look at it. We comprehend the world only fragmentally and superficially, with racio.

Racio is not important in the process of visualization but it can become important after it. At that time weare usually just assesing the reasonableness of the newly-learned connections. Visualization is a process on the EIDETICS level, I get strongly accustomed to the object of observation. Quite a few of my visualizations which are less poetic are available. I have put into words many historically interesting works, the SICSTINE CHAPEL and other works by Michelangello and also some Rodin, Dali and a few Egiptian hieroglific pictures... 

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